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Jul 9, 2013 5:00am EDT
% after congress did notss dd change a bill into law. it's an extension for the two year interest ratesday -old before the july deadline.deadli >>> the irs service is in hot water this time for mistakenly exposing thousands of social security numbers affecting non-profit groups.profit the irs posted more than 2,000 social security numbers in a a standard release of information. it makes about political groupsi known as 527. the numbers appeared on the internet for less than 24 hours. >>> the white house says thee federal deficit for the current fiscal year is going down. down it will shrink to $750 million. that is 200 less than the obama administration predicted. the obama administration revised its forecast made in april, and are now projecting that economim growth should be slightly slowet in the coming days. >>> d.c. embattled fire chieff should get a boost for a change. >>> first peanuts and crackerker jacks, hot dogs as well. well. you won't believe how manybeli pounds you may be packing on att the ballpark. i bet you, we will believe t. >> i don't want to know. >> it's the
Jul 10, 2013 5:00am EDT
$15,000 for the catering of his daughter in june in 2011678 the state law requires any gift more than $50 but exempts to family members are exempt. >> more trouble for mcdonnell's son sean.ean. the 21-year-old was charged with public into. ation. he will be a senior tep university of virginia and it happened there. he was released and scheduled th be back in court next month. the washington castles look toon set c a new u.s. prosports recod of 34 consecutive wins.tive >> in the w first match against boston kevin anderson dominatedd winning 5-2. martina hingis was a perfect 3-3 in her play. then in the fifth and final match they took the men's doubles. they go on to win 25-12 to set s the record for wins for a moaftion professional sportsssio team in the u.s. congratulations to the castles. >> good job, caflts. come up next. how do they do it? special eivelgts make the moviem as you know. >> the director of the releaseee sits down with kevin mccarthy to reveal some of the secrets. sec >> check this out. you can escape to a world of piewrl imagination with qdam. >> they want to you win an u
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2